Thursday, May 07, 2009

Driscoll Watch Continues
As someone who generally welcomes the Reformed Resurgence answer to the reheated liberalism of Emergent, but who is concerned about incipient Christ-obscuring authoritarianism and personality cult lurking in the wings, yet more bold, important, insightful analysis of the MD phenomenon. We need to listen to MacArthur, Phillips, Johnson. So does the strident young preacher in Seattle.

Phillip's review of Driscoll's address at the Gospel Coalition gets close to the heart of what has always troubled me about (enormously successful) guys like this...
And that is what sticks with me and troubles me about Driscoll's talk. It was about him, to a large degree. He was the backdrop, context, and refrain.

I think about the others I've heard. Keller? Preached Christ as the idol-smasher. I didn't have to know anything about Keller. M'man Lig Duncan? Preached Christ's grace and power. I didn't have to know anything about Lig Duncan. Ditto John Piper. Ditto every other I've heard from the conference.

Except Driscoll.
I pray that other mature leaders in this movement will also find courage to help this guy before it's too late. He seems to be surrounded and insulated by layers of young, angry Rehoboam's counselors and enabled by the silence of those who know better but who continue to provide cover.


Holly said...

I couldn't believe the Paedocommunion section of his sermon where he is incredibly insulting. Paedocommunion shouldn't matter to you if you don't have kids... Really? Shouldn't you kind of know what you think about that regardless? And to say that caring about theology is why he isn't married is just so mean, and wrong too. I'm really tired of mean preachers in the pulpit. The browbeating of others and the exaltation of MD. Perfect. This entire sermon could be called, "Annoying people I've had the chore of pastoring." Blech. He really does need help. He's turning people away.

terryd said...

I'm with you on "mean preachers." It's one thing to be bold, another to be strident, even worse when the messenger begins to imagine he himself is the message.

Linda said...

"Annoying people I've had the chore of pastoring"--great title. :) What's up with shepherd's who hate sheep anyway? As if the sheep are there to serve the shepherds and the shepherds are there to serve each other. It's so tiring. (I didn't listen to the message, Driscoll makes me queasy, but I do love his brand of strawberries, so my comment is not specific to his linked message)