Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thanks Be to God for the Local Church

There is a dried soup mix from Great Harvest Bakery sitting on our kitchen counter that reminds me daily what a wonderful thing the local church is.

Ever since Mrs. D, our personal Food Network at the D house, began her painful odyssey from a skating accident through wrist surgery and recovery, it looked like meal generation was largely going to fall into the less-than-capable hands of the resident curmudgeon. A week and a half ago on our school group field trip to Great Harvest Bakery, I picked up that soup mix with the complimentary bag of dinner rolls, thinking it was something I could handle for that evening's meal.

It's still on the counter. Why? Because of the local church. Which one? The one comprised of a whole group of dear Christian family and friends who keep showing up (unsolicited, coordinated "only" by love and the Holy Spirit) with generous (and better) meals. And, I should add, the hard work and burgeoning skills of the resident D kids.

It's now a running joke. "OK dad, when are we gonna make that soup?" We will sooner or later. Maybe Mrs. D will do it. She could one-hand it into shape better than I can with two.

But thanks to all of you (you know who you are) who have been so unbelievably kind.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Joy of Skating

At last it's cold enough for the rinks to open, and last Friday night at Centennial Lakes it was perfect. Acres of clean ice, the kids in their Christmas ice skates.... For the rest of the story, check out Mrs. D's blog. You also might want to wear some of those rollerblading wrist guards next time out.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Amnesia Helmet in Place?

From an Amazon review of the Buck Rogers 1939 serial:
"...Buck Rogers is here to fight Kane's evil domination of mankind, which involves making obedient robots out of folks by strapping an "amnesia helmet" on their heads."

I just thought this was cool. Make up your own biting political or ecclesiological commentary, apply it to anything you like, but whatever you do, resist the evil Kane in 2007.