Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Broad-minded Tolerance or Tyranny?
Why do many of us see the gay marriage agenda as the latter and yet feel the sting of being called narrow minded and intolerant? Excellent analysis of the same-sex marriage debate from S.T. Karnick. He begins:
From the beginning, the debate over “same-sex marriage” has been one of those topsy-turvy issues in which the side that is truly tolerant and fair has been characterized as narrow-minded and oppressive, while the side that is intolerant and blatantly coercive has been depicted as open-minded and sympathetic.

Favoring government-enforced recognition of same-sex “marriage” is not, as the media invariably characterize it, a kindly, liberal-minded position, but instead a fierce, coercive, intolerant one. Despite their agonized complaints about the refusal of the majority of Americans to give in on the subject, those who advocate government recognition of same-sex “marriage” want to use coercion to deny other people their fundamental rights.

And, of course, change is coming.

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Dan said...

I don't see the debate, as if that's what it really is-as a debate on marriage as much as it is on public education. They want unfettered access to the classroom and I'm not sure they have it when the state doesn’t see it as "normal".